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Derwent Wedge Anti-Vandal ANPR/VNPR CCTV Camera

CCTV Cameras - ANPR Cameras - Derwent Wedge
  • Number Plate Recognition 7 & 12 metre versions
  • Ceiling Mount Internal Applications Wedge Housing
  • Combined camera & matched IR lighting
  • No focus shift between daytime & IR operation
  • Discreet, Compact Vandal Resistant
  • Hi-Resolution Ex-view Camera
  • 24 Hour - No other illumination required

The unit combines the latest anpr camera, optics, illumination and filter technology to provide clear recognition of number plates in both day and night conditions at distances up to 35 metres. Derwent, through its unique combination of camera and IR technology has overcome the many problems associated with accurate ANPR, automatic number plate recognition.

REG overcomes all issues related to speed, daytime highlights, reflectivity of number plate, accurate focus during the day and night, car headlights etc. REG is a fully integrated anpr system which captures number plates 24 hours a day, whatever the weather conditions.

Camera, lamp, special PSU and bracketry are all included to ensure maximum ease of installation and immediate results. Low maintenance and excellent reliability are assured with REG delivering average illuminator life of up to 10 years depending on distances required. Applications include motorways, car parks, access control, toll booths, airports, hotels, congestion monitoring, private estates etc. REG has been designed to work on a stand alone basis with VCR or Digital Recorders or ANPR Software

All the distances quoted on this document refer to standard UK number plates which are retroreflective. The distances for other nationality plates may differ according to the size and reflectivity of the plate - we will be happy to advise on the suitability of REG for your specific scheme.

The subject of ANPR automatic number plate recognition is complex and requires a matched, system approach to achieve the quoted results. All the components of REG are selected to ensure compatibility and to provide the highest quality images.

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