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CCTV Applications - ANPR

Total Security Solutions are experts at designing and installing CCTV systems. ANPR is a computerised add on available for any high quality CCTV system. Used to record number plates and to then trigger access control systems, an effective ANPR system can be used to control and monitor vehicle access to your site.

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Access control

The ANPR system recognises the number plate, and then can work with a range of access control systems such as...


Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) via CCTV cameras has long been attempted, but the technical and environmental problems were previously too difficult to overcome.

anpr systems and camerasThe problems have now been solved, and ANPR systems and CCTV cameras are now extremely effective in providing secure transport surveillance.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system recognises and records the registrations of all vehicles entering or leaving a site, and displays the registration. CCTV cameras can record all other site activity, which can be viewed and controlled from a single location.

ANPR is commonly used for:

  • Petrol stations
  • Airports and ports
  • Building sites
  • Business, office and industrial
  • Car parks
  • Cinemas, theatres, concert halls
  • Offices and buildings
  • Events
  • Staff carparks
  • High security environments
  • Hospitals
  • Local area
  • Motorways - traffic flow
  • Railway & Bus stations
  • Retail environment
  • Sports and leisure complexes

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can be integrated with vehicle barriers, automatic gates and bollards which greatly Improves the overall security for control personnel and users.

ANPR CCTV systems also Include options for image & capture vehicle registration details, and provides effective cover of all lanes of a highway, including motorways.

ANPR is principally designed to be an alert system. ANPR is software which, when fitted to a camera system, can scan and read over three thousand number plates per hour.

Digital images are captured through the ANPR cameras, which are located either in a mobile unit or a fixed site system. The digital image is then converted into data, which is then processed through the ANPR system. The system is able to cross reference the data against a variety of databases including the Police National Computer (PNC), DVLA and highlights vehicles of interest to police forces.

If the information supplied via the ANPR system alerts officers to an offence or relevant intelligence on a vehicle, the vehicle may be stopped to allow further investigation.

ANPR cameras are NOT safety cameras i.e. they are not in place to catch speeding motorists. Quite simply ANPR aims to deny criminals the use of the roads, not to target the majority of law-abiding road users.


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